Web Design & Development

Our web builds are tailored to fit your needs! 
Step 1

Let's make a plan.

We will arrange an initial meeting with you in order to discuss your needs. At this early stage our primary focus is to determine what functionalities are required make your website work easily for you.

Styling is also important in order to attract the right customers so we might ask you some simple questions on your likes and dislikes in web design.
Step 2

Build, Build, Build...

When it comes to making the website, most of our clients choose to go with what we like to call the ‘Structure First’ approach.

In practice, what does this mean?  We will begin by building the functionality and basic structure of your website. Once this has been completed, we will contact you for feedback then revise as required. Now we can move onto the creation of content.

Content is KING. Most of our clients opt to write copy for their websites themselves, but we can make recommendations for skilled freelance copywriters if you prefer.

We also provide reasonably priced photography and video services to our web customers. These range from product photography through to on-site location shoots. Check our photography website for more information!

Once you are happy and your website is ready to go live, we can handle all the fiddly stuff for you like setting up your domain, hosting your new website on our server, setting up emails and all the other techie stuff that needs to happen under the hood!
Step 3

going live!

Your new website can form the backbone for all manner of digital marketing tasks. You can choose to engage with Stone Pony Digital on a regular consultation basis.

We will work together to develop your website's digital presence through targeted landing pages, social media graphics, pay-per-click advertising and many other digital marketing tasks, as your growing company's needs emerge.

As your new website proves to be a success, you might want to expand it further with additional functionalities- perhaps e-commerce or a new booking system? Just remember - Stone Pony Digital will be there to help with whatever you need!

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